Connor Mcknight is a luxury fashion brand based in New York, NY.

Each collection explores themes of black life with an emphasis on emotion and vulnerability within the mundane. He feels that there is a lack of nuance in the perception of the black experience, with an expectation that we will adhere to outdated and narrow definitions of blackness. by highlighting the times in between, he hopes to portray a more complete idea of our lives.

CM takes a contemporary approach to refinement and luxury juxtaposing classic utilitarian and workwear silhouettes with luxury textiles and craftsmanship. with an interest in crafting clothing that will last for a lifetime, he feels that it is important to find inspiration in references that have already withstood the test of time. amidst a vintage revival it begs the question of what makes something that is new worthwhile.

Also informed by his roots in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, where outdoor gear is an everyday staple, CM aims to find ways to elevate these pieces to sit alongside evening and formalwear further challenging our idea of luxury. Crunchy nylon textiles and polar fleeces typically reserved for hiking trips, or weekend casual functionality are reimagined with construction techniques historically only used for gowns and tailoring.

His designs represent a continuation of narratives of a beautifully mundane childhood as a black person of color. In a society that continually struggles to recognize nuance within the black community. His goal is to explore the relationship between normality and luxury in hopes of reestablishing the black mundane.